Why Get into Golf? Pros and Cons

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

The list of sports you could perform is very long and while it includes more common sports like football, basketball or baseball, it also has room for a more select sport called golf. Also known as the gentlemen’s sport, it is practiced by a more narrow niche of people who are really interested in it. However, this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t try it and even get really good at it if you discover how interesting it can be. In case you are giving golf a thought, here are some of the good and bad sides you need to be aware of in order to see if it’s really your best choice.


Anyone can play

Even though you are not in your best physical condition or you haven’t played a sport in a very long time, you can always start to play golf and you can be certain that you will manage to get the hang of it. Children, adults, and seniors can try it and anyone can become a real player no matter how skilled they are.

It develops character

Among all sports, golf is the most elegant and calm one that doesn’t encourage a violent and inappropriate behavior on the course. Players must be silent and calm while playing and they shouldn’t disturb others with their attitude. Therefore, golf is great if you want to develop a good behavior in your children or if you need to take a break from all the stress and agitation in your daily life. You should get into golf if you want to learn how to control your emotions and interact with other people.

You can bond with others

Although you can’t chat while playing golf, it can be a great opportunity to make friends and even create business connections. Ever since it was developed, it was used as a means of communication for business partners who often made deals over a golf game. It’s also an excellent way to spend time with your family and meet new people who share the same passion as you.

It’s competitive

Despite being calmer and softer, golf is a sport in its essence so it manages to bring out the competitor in you. A good game will keep you connected and will be a great challenge to always improve your skills and achieve better scores. Although you might lose in the beginning, you will get better and better with every game so you will do your best to get more consistent and beat your playmates.

Provides a mild exercise

Although you don’t run, jump, or lift anything while you play golf, it counts as a mild exercise that is just perfect for people who can’t practice rough sports. You get to walk a few miles on the course when you move from one hole to another and if you consider the swinging of your hands and hips, it’s a good way to stay active and improve the condition of your bones and joints.


Expensive gear

Right from the start, you must know that golf implies a long list of equipment if you want to experience it to the fullest. You will have to buy clubs, tees, balls, a golf bag, or even a carry to transport all your gear on the course. And you must know that they don’t come at low prices, especially if you want to buy professional equipment. Exclusive clubs cost over $1,000 and you won’t be needing only one of them. The list continues with high-end gadgets found on GolfRangefinder.Reviews like golf swing analyzers or rangefinders that will help you minimize your handicap and perform better shots, therefore, if you want to become a good golf player, you will have to spend a small fortune.

Not very entertaining

If you are into the excitement of sports that keep you in tension from the first to the last moment, then golf is not for you. There are little emotions in golf, except the moment the ball approaches the hole, and you can’t exteriorize your feelings. An unspoken rule of golf demands that players are quiet and elegant during a game, without shouting or acting in a violent way in case of a failure. Therefore, if you like the ambient on a crowded stadium, golf will not offer you that type of entertainment.

Limited training places

Golf courses are not as popular as football or tennis courses so you won’t be able to practice or play anywhere you want. There is a limited number of courses, usually at clubs, where you will have to get a membership in order to have access. The most interesting ones are very expensive and most likely far away from you so you will have to spend some money if you want to get to the world’s most famous golf courts. However, in case you want to improve your skills and practice more often, you can resort to a golf simulator that will mimic the playing conditions of a real course so that you will be able to play golf at home.