Uncommon Health Problems that Can Affect Your Golf Handicap

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

A golf handicap measures a player’s potential playing ability, and it is calculated based on the tees that he has played for a certain course. There are many factors that can affect a golfer’s handicap, and some of them refer to health problems that wouldn’t normally be taken into consideration. Sleep disorders can affect the number of strokes shot under or over par, and it can deteriorate one’s skill level. So, here are the health problems that can prevent you from lowering your handicap.

Sleep disorders

Although they might not be considered serious medical conditions by some, there are certain sleep disorders that can affect one’s overall life, including his golf performances. Therefore, you must pay more attention to your health by finding out if you suffer from these conditions:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea or chronic snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea(or chronic snoring) is a condition that causes temporary disruptions in breathing while you sleep, which can lead to lots of tossing and turning during the night, and daytime tiredness. This problem can be caused by obesity, stress or bad habits like smoking and drinking. Furthermore, it can be treated with a technique known as the continuous positive airway pressure, or the CPAP. Based on specialists’ opinion, severe sleep apnea can impair your golf swing, because all the loud snoring and the fact that oxygen flow is interrupted during sleep causes excessive fatigue during the day. After undergoing the CPAP therapy for six months, golfers who suffered from chronic snoring decreased their average handicap index significantly, improving their scores, and becoming better players.

  • Insomnia

People who can’t get enough sleep during the night wake up feeling more tired than they were before going to bed. Insomnia is a serious health problem that can negatively impact one’s entire life. Not getting the rest that you need to start a new day can lead to irritability, anxiety, cognitive impairment, and stress, and it can affect your ability to concentrate on things that require focus. Any golfer knows that if your ability to concentrate and think clearly is compromised, you won’t longer be able to make good decisions, and your chances to lower your scores will be diminished. Therefore, we advise you to try Alteril, an all natural sleep aid that can help you treat insomnia and play at your best. Alteril can help golfers get more sleep and eliminate all the sides effects of insomnia, allowing them to improve their golfing skills and make the most of their game.