Top Three Best Rangefinders

Written by Amanda Finn. Posted in Golf

Golf can be a hard to practice sport if you are not a professional and you have troubles in choosing the right club or estimating the distance to the hole stick which can result in multiple and bad shots. However, for better accuracy of the shot you can use a rangefinder, which is a device that uses a laser to calculate the distance from the ball to the hole by also taking into account the slope and helps you decide which golf club is right for which shot. From all the devices available on the market here are the ones that made it in top three.


This device with performance laser can measure distances up to 500 meters and is designed to demand measuring distance with compensation angle. The 550A S features a built-in level bar that offers legible measurements of height, vertical distance like the difference in height between two trees, horizontal distance, and linear distance. With a quick and easy use, equipped with systems of Nikon Target Priority Switch, which allows you to switch between two measurement models. The first target’s priority gives priority to the nearest target and makes this the perfect device for golf. Other features like quick and easy handling, distance measurement with the touch of a button, two LCD screens with measurement display, monocular with 6x magnification that covers several layers for bright images, the waterproof housing with O-ring seals and nitrogen gas for added resistance to harsh environments and the design with superior point provides a clear field of view. This unit received numerous positive customer golf rangefinder reviews due to its excellent field of view which remains clear even when wearing glasses or sunglasses.


This device measures distances up to 500 meters and is characterized by a compact and lightweight design that facilitates long-distance transport. Optimized for use on the golf course, it has the Nikon first priority mode lens for fast and accurate measurement of the distance to the destination, even on golf courses that have green space behind the trees or in the background. It measures distances up to 550yd with an accuracy within 6 inches.


According to numerous customer golf rangefinder reviews, this unit is one of the best from Leupold, with significant upgrades such as club recommendation feature, noise cancellation or multiple consecutive readings. Leupold GX-4i provides 6x magnification and red OLED display which allows you to read clearly even under the broad daylight. The quality aluminum housing offers solid feeling and the nice color scheme of black and yellow gives it a trendy aspect.

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