Top 5 Best Golf Wedges

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

It’s very important to have some wedges in your golfing arsenal if you want people to treat you as a professional player. A wedge is usually used for making accurate short-distance “lob” shots. They are designed with modified soles – features that help the player move the head of the club through soft surfaces. If you want to get back on track after your ball has been embedded or even buried in sand, mud or thick grass then a wedge is what you need to use for your game. We present to you the top 5 golf wedges that you can find out there.

Scor4161 golf wedge

This golf club softens very much the line between irons and wedges. It comes with a neoprene head cover. It’s considered to be the most maneuverable and easiest to use wedge. Its shape and its point of weight allows you to have complete control over the effect that you want to give to your buried golf ball. Customers say that it propels the ball with tremendous speed and spin.The 56 degree Scor4161 golf wedge is the ideal tool for you.

Ping Tour golf wedge

The Ping Tour 56 degrees wedge will help you get your ball out of everywhere. It costs around $90 a piece. Its special design that has a tuning port in the back cavity expands the perimeter weighting. It gives you the feeling of a very solid feel across the face. It also looks great with its dark satin finish.

Titleist Voley Spin golf wedge

When you hit the ball it doesn’t bounce, you can really dig in the surface that holds your golf ball on its place and get it out of it. The design of this club allows you to have really low shots. It’s more versatile than other wedges. When using this golf club you may discover that it could change your style because there are more ways how you could use this wedge that turn out well.

Mizuno JPX golf wedge

This is a more expensive wedge that will surely improve your game. It has a good weight balance and it really works great on surfaces like mud, sand or thick grass.

Nike VR X3X golf wedge

This wedge’s unusual shape is the reason why it’s aerodynamic. It has a great playability – with a decent amount of spin you will be able to explode the ball off the sand in no time.