Top 5 Best Fairway Woods

Written by Amanda Finn. Posted in Golf

In the golf game, woods are clubs that have longer shafts and larger heads than other types of clubs and are used for long distance shots on the ball. Traditionally, they are made of hardwood, but modern types have metallic heads made of titanium or are made of carbon fiber. Higher number woods are known as fairway woods and are designed for fairway shots that require long distance. Although these clubs are not as attractive as supercharged drivers, they offer versatility, adjustability and forgiveness combined with ball speeds. Here are five of the most appreciated fairway woods available for golfers.

Adams Tight Lies Fairway Woods

This club is perfect for easy swingers because of its hybrid-caliber, high launch, and low profile shape that allow you to get the ball up and make it land softly on the grass. The Tight Lies is not a powerful club, but more of a smooth hitter with accuracy and good forgiveness, providing good length from imperfect lies and stability through the ball thanks to the sole design. The small and simple square head with a black finish and a slot in the crown helps you to line up, although it can distract you and make you want more length.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

This redesigned Big Bertha offers faster and deeper ball speed, and the steel cupface was forged to make the club thinner, which results in a springlike effect. The crown is also thinner for a lower center of gravity, which means you don’t need a perfect swing for a perfect result.

Cleveland 588 Fairway Woods

The weighted plug in the sole pulls the center of gravity low and deep for a raised launch and the face with variable thickness improves the ball speed. The launching of the all is effortless, which makes it perfect for skilled players who can easily turn shots over. This conservative black club offers consistent length for pure and neat hits.

Cobra Bio Cell Fairway Woods

This club with a lightweight crown is designed to launch the ball with less spin than its predecessor, thanks to the reposition of the weight lower and more on the back. The forged steel face is built to flex at impact for extra ball speed and perfect frame of the ball.

Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Woods

The large head and deep face of the club are designed for increased trampoline effect which allows shot-shaping. It is suitable for golfers who don’t swing fast and who look for a soft club that gives stability and is easy to handle.