PGA Facial Hair Rules and Trends

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

Golf is considered to be a gentleman’s game and it’s mostly a clean shaved one. Most men in the Professional Golfer’s Association are well groomed but of course there are some exceptions too. The PGA Tour doesn’t have a particular rule regarding the facial hair of the participants but there is a rule that’s not directly expressed but it’s shown through the tradition of the golf game and through the types of men who used to play it.

What is the explanation for beards in golf

PGA Tour organization committee requires players to present a neat appearance in both personal grooming and clothing. There are no more other specific rules for the facial hair of the PGA members. However it’s important to notice that all the professional golf players obey the rule. Even if they have facial hair at least it is groomed and it looks good. Some players are famous for their facial hair and they are so connected to the hairy appearance that most people would have a hard time to recognize them if they cut their facial hair.

It’s your choice how you want to look but keep your facial hair groomed

Long before there weren’t special appliances available to help you groom yourself. Nowadays any man can do wonders with his appearance with by having an electric shaver. It’s interesting how the PGA facial rule could translate into “it’s ok to have facial hair as long as you have an electric shaver and you’re not afraid to use it”. If there were a very strict rule regarding the facial hair for the PGA members then it would be violated one of the most important human rights – the freedom to express your looks and your personality through your physical features. How can they refrain from having facial hair if they look better with it and they are willing to spend time and take care of it?

Why is the famous golfers’ facial hair often imitated

There are not specific trends in golf. However there are some famous golf players that look good with a specific type of facial hair and everybody else wants to look like them. These famous golfers are having a specific facial hair grooming because that’s the type that makes them look the best for their particular personal features. People tend to imitate their facial style without considering if that is the style that really makes them look the best for their physical features.

Golf Trends in Facial Hair

Frank Lickliter has an interesting facial grooming Рa goatee that makes him look respectful. Corey Pavin kept his upper lip covered by his mustache until the late 1990s. Steward Ginn is one of the fewest fully bearded players on any Top American Pro Tour while Craig Stadler is well known for wearing a bushy mustache Рit successfully balances the shape of his face.