Nike Vapor Flex Driver Review

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

Golf gadgets can improve one’s game significantly, as they feature a technology which allows golfers to make good decisions, and become better players. Nike is one of the brands that produces reliable equipment for golf, so those who are passionate about this sport should inform themselves about the latest products that the company developed to make players’ experience more pleasant. Here is a Nike Vapor Flex Driver review that will let you learn more about this interesting device.

The new Flex Flight Module

The latest Vapor Flex Driver impresses with its own type of cavityback technology, but also with the company’s Flex Flight Module, which is a 15-gram weight that can flip easily, and shift the gravity center 2mm from the front to the back. That can be translated into 300 RPM of spin and 1° of loft. Furthermore, by moving the module’s head towards the rear, the MOI will increase. According to any Nike Vapor Flex Driver review, when weight is moved horizontally, the shot shape and the ball’s trajectory are influenced. In other words, the Flex Flight Module can help players enhance their driver, and optimize their game. Unlike other similar instruments, the Flex Flight Module can be locked in place without using an additional cap, and although you may not find that very important, it can save a little weight, which can be very helpful at a certain point.

The Carbon RZN Crown

Based on the customers Nike Vapor Flex Driver review, clients are very happy with the cohesiveness of the brand’s whole lineup. Furthermore, just like Volt continues to be used, the company’s RZN material is also included, and that will be seen clearly very soon. The advantage of the Carbon RZN Crown is that it is lighter and less rigid than titanium, and that can offer more freedom for moving weight around. Moreover, the material can be shaped in a way that wouldn’t be permitted with cast titanium, so it is very effective. Since the crown technology features an internal rib, stiffening the head in different directions is now possible, so the energy transfer will be pushed forward.

The Compression Channel is Back

Golfers will be happy to hear that the Compression Channel returns in the new Nike Vapor series, so the latest version was built to maintain, or even better, to boost the ball’s speed. In other words, if you can keep the ball speed  at a certain distance from the center, you have the possibility to increase the ball’s average speed. Therefore, you can optimize the transfer of energy.