How to Winterize a Golf Course

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

During the months of October and November, it’s essential to prepare the golf course for the winter so that when spring comes, it won’t require so much maintenance work to get it ready. There are a couple of things that you must do in order to winterize the golf course and you must not skip any step. Today, we’ve gathered some useful tips to help you learn how to do a good job at preparing the golf course for winter.

Blowing out the irrigation system

The most important part of preparing the golf course for winter is to blow out the irrigation system but this is not as easy as it may sound. The golf course irrigation system consists of over 1,000 individual heads and many PVC pipes which all range in size. In order to blow out an irrigation system, it’s recommended to use a 1,600 cubic-foot per minute air compressor. The air compressor is attached to the mainline pipe and what it does is to push air through the system while the crew in charge with winterizing the irrigation system run each sprinkle head to ensure that water is removed completely from the pipes. Depending on the size of the golf field, blowing out a golf course can take part of three days or less.

How to prevent the development of mold on the turf

Snow mold can leave some devastating effects on the turf, so it’s crucial to take all the measures needed in order to remove mold from the golf field or prevent it from setting in in the first place. Note that there are two types of snow mold: pink and gray. Pink mold can develop on areas with or without snow, while the gray mold will set in after 2 or 3 months of continuous snow. To prevent snow mold, a good solution would be to use fungicide to fairways, tees or green. Fungicide applications are highly efficient because they act relatively quickly. You may have already noticed but even during the months of October and November the greens, fairways and tees have a deep green color and this is the result of using a green pigment. The green pigment will not fade out during winter and it will actually help improve spring conditions.

Manage snow and ice

The final step in winterizing the golf course is to remove snow and ice from the greens and fairways. We suggest opting for a two stage snow blower or a three stage snow blower because these units are very efficient at removing snow from large and uneven terrains. An electric or battery-powered snow blower will be easy to handle but it may be time-consuming to operate it on such a large terrain. Not to mention it’s tiresome as well. A powerful two stage snow blower that runs on gas is a more appropriate choice.