How to Perfect Your Golf Swing

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

If you want to learn how to perfect your golf swing, you need to start by forgetting everything you’ve been told until now. Although your golf instructor or friends may have had the best intentions when trying to teach you the secrets of golf, receiving different suggestions and hearing different opinions can be confusing at a certain point. Therefore, you need to focus on the main rules that are at the base of golf, and discover which the techniques that suit you the most are. Here are some basic beginner golf swing tips that can help you better your game:

Keep Your Hands Low

This is by far the most important beginner golf swing tip. When trying to learn how to perfect your golf swing, it is important to focus on achieving a low ballflight, so the first step that you need to take is reducing the height of the followthrough by keeping your hands low. It’s true that you can accomplish the same thing by selecting a stronger club, and by swinging easy, but this technique is more difficult to execute. So, you should lower your hands to lower the height of your shots.

Strengthen your grip

There are three ways in which you can put your hands together in order to strengthen your grip, so here are the basic grips that you can use to lower your scores:

  • The Vardon grip

This golf grip is also known as the overlapping grip, and it can be achieved by putting the pinkie finger of your hand between the middle and the index finger of your lead hand.

  • The Interlocking grip

The Interlocking grip is recommended for those who don’t have very powerful forearms and wrists, and for those with small hands. It involves locking your hands together by curling your pinkie finger around the index finger of your lead hand. The disadvantage of this technique is that you won’t be able to control the club due to a lack of finger pressure, so the handle of the club might drift against your palms.

  • The ten finger grip

This grip is perfect for people with joint pains and for beginners, because it is very comfortable compared with the rest of the grips. All you have to do to achieve the ten finger grip is to put your pinkie finger against your lead hand’s index finger.

Give Your Spine The Right posture

In order to ensure a solid and accurate ballstriking, you need to keep your right forearm parallel to your spine. Furthermore, your left wrist must be flat, and your elbows and arms must form a triangle to increase precision, and to achieve a great swing.

How to correct your mistakes

Knowing the things presented above is just the first step of the process. After this, you need to be prepared for a series of mistakes as practice is a lot more difficult than theory. In order to correct your mistakes, you should get a golf swing analyzer. Go to golfswinganalyzer.reviews and choose the most accurate swing analyzer that you can find. This device, which can be mounted on your gloves or on the club measures different parameters which affect you swing and then it sends you the results on your smartphone. Based on that data, you can correct your mistakes, and improve your swing one step at a time.