How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

Once you will know your handicap index you will be able to play with any golfer in the world and have the possibility to compare your scores. This means that you can play with golfers that have previously determined their golf handicap as well and you can compare your scores fairly even if you play at different skill levels.

Find your Adjusted Gross Score

In order to calculate your golf handicap you will need a number of golf scores between 5 and 20. In order to calculate your Adjusted Gross Score you will need to have either:

  • five 18-hole scores, or
  • ten 9-hone scores

You will need to determine the total number of strokes taken during a game. Once you do that you have to substract the maximum per-hole scores. These per-hole scores are well determined and you don’t need to make yourself remember them – the USGA’s Equitable Stroke Control establish these details.

Find your Handicap Differential

After you have calculated the Adjusted Gross Score, the next step is to calculate your handicap differential.

Course Rating minus AGS then multiplied by 113 and divided by the Slope Rating. The Course Rating approximates how many strokes it should take a scratch golfer to finish the course. The Slope rating gives you a hint about the difficulty level that a golf course has.

In order to calculate your Handicap Index you will need to sum your differentials, divided by how many differentials there are. The result is multiplied by 0.96. You may be wondering why 0.96. Well, that is exactly the “bonus for excellence” given by UGSA. If you use 20 scores in order to calculate your Handicap Index then you will use the 10 lowest differentials.

Calculate your Handicap Index

Calculating the Handicap Index helps you to determine the Course Handicap. For this you will first need to find out your Slope Rating. You can determine it by checking the website of the golf course that you want to play on, or you can simply just ask an employee from the clubhouse.

The Course Handicap is calculated with the following formula: you multiply the Handicap Index with the Slope Rating indicator then divide the result by 113. You will need to round up the final result to the nearest whole number.

Improving your Game

Now that you have determined the Course Handicap don’t you think that you only stop here. The next natural step is to think about how could you improve your game. For this you should play on different courses, with a proper size equipment, on many types of weather. Do you have the tendency to play golf with your back bent? This is not the right position to play. Investing some money in a good equipment that properly fits you will definitely