How Can You Prevent the Most Common Golf Injuries

Written by Holly Spencer. Posted in Golf

If you think that you would like to try to play some golf first you must think about how can you prevent the most common golf injuries. Even if the golf game looks like it requires very little physical activity, there is a great chance that you could end up getting hurt when you are trying to impress your opponents with your swing. Don’t think that the golf clubs are light and you fool around with them just like you were doing this with some long sticks. Golf clubs are pretty heavy for their size but they are like this so they can imprint power to your shot. We present to you some of the most common golf injuries and how can you prevent them.

Common golf injuries

If you continue to neglect the advice for preventing the golf injuries you may not only create  some acute injuries but over time they will transform into some overuse injuries.

Back pain

When you’re hunched-over you create great stress for your back. When you’re trying to concentrate on your swing you should stay relaxed as much as you can without losing the ability to control the swing. Straighten your back, it will be more comfortable for you to play like this. The back pain may be arthritis-related, it may be caused by a stress fracture, it may be mechanical or disc-related.

Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow

This is how it’s called the inflammation of the upper arm near the elbow. The Tennis elbow is an inflammation or pain on the outside of the upper arm while the golfer’s elbow is an inflammation of the same part on the inside. It’s interesting that tennis elbow occurs more frequently than the golfer’s elbow among golfers.

Shoulder Pain

If you don’t have a correct play posture you may even experience some pains for your shoulders.

Knee Pain

The wrong posture, not warming up before the game may lead to knee pain.

Hand injuries

Among the most common hand injuries that you may experience while playing golf are the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the DeQuervain’s Tendin and the Fracture of Hamate Bone. These are due to the wrong habits of holding the golf clubs. Now you see why you don’t only have to concentrate on your posture but on your grips too. Some golfers prefer some thicker grips for their clubs – make sure you change them frequently before they become blunt.

Advice for how can you prevent golf injuries

If you already got hurt then you should have patience with your body and leave it to heal by itself. You can rush the healing process by adding some medication. When you feel confident to play again don’t risk it anymore and follow this advice:

Warm up

Any intense physical activity requires a preliminary warm up, and yes – golf implies intense physical activity.

Start slowly

Even after you warm up you should first start with short shots. Don’t brag.

Strenghten your muscles

This is an aim that you should have on a medium or long term. You will have more strength and your game will be improved. You should also build up your muscle endurance.

Choose proper footwear

A golf game takes a lot of time – you don’t want to spend it wearing uncomfortable shoes. It would be the best if you chose some golf shoes with short cleats which will not disturb your swing. Wearing such shoes you will not risk to strain your knees or angles.

Develop a solid swing technique

Don’t change your technique every time you hit the ball. The aim is to develop a solid swing technique that is good, effective and doesn’t harm your body.