GPS vs Rangefinder – What Option Is Better for Golfing and Why?

Written by Eugene Lawson. Posted in Golf

Golf gadgets are very important for every golf passionate, so they have to pay attention when buying these devices. Golfers discover many types of devices when entering into a shop but some of them are gadgets meant to scoop your wallet, while others can be really helpful even used by professional golf players. GPS and rangefinders come both in the last category, they are devices that golfers consider useful, if not fundamental. But what if you have doubts when purchasing one? Will you go for a rangefinder or a GPS, which one is the best choice for you? Our research is meant to provide you some information before investing in a golf device.

What do they distinct by?

Both of them are meant to measure different distances, but they do it by distinct means. The rangefinder measures the areas by hitting with a laser at an object and then determining the distance to that object depending on how long it takes the laser to get back at the gadget, while the GPS functions by a location system to notice where the device is, it is similar to the phone or car navigation; a golf GPS also comes with its own locations on various golf courses and if not, you can easily download the course through an update. Once the GPS unit links to satellites, it will offer you the distance from the existent location to the needed locations such as the middle, front and back of the putting green. This is the way that these 2 devices function, however, we handle with high-technology gadgets.

Discovering the rangefinder

If you decide to use a rangefinder, you have to look through a locating device and place the laser at the targeted object you want to find. Most of the rangefinders have also a zoom option to ease your work and to see the distance lucidly. The flagstick identifier is another quality of rangefinders, they have a high tech that detects the flag from other objects in view. When the flag is found, the device may vibrate, beep or twinkle. This feature will offer you a precise estimation of the hole, other object or a tree line; some of the rangefinders can even determine ramp which is a perk for the high ground. Their accuracy is another feature to take into consideration, research claims that most rangefinders are skillful in a yard and some of them pledge certainty to the half of a yard. Another convenience of this gadget is that you can use it absolutely anywhere without worrying that you have to download it before. Some of its drawbacks are the costs (the cheapest one is $200) and the rhythm of the game because it demands you to take the ball out and aim it directly at the flag.

GPS characteristics

This type of products is easy to use because all you need to do is to turn them on and let them connect with the satellites. When the GPS notices the course, it will undoubtedly offer you the needed information. There are many models on the market and they have different options. For instance, the basic model offers you the present distance to the hole, other models can offer you front, back and center distance to the putting green and the advanced models will give you risky distances, lay up distance and angled distances. GPS golf devices come in considerable forms, you can get your yard on your watch, phone or other portable devices so it is handy and easy to use. Another benefit represents its cost because it is an affordable gadget at the price of $100. You can also find a lot of free golf GPS apps and use it easily. It has some drawbacks, too, one of them being the accuracy, sometimes these units are not able to offer you the best distance to the flag, another con is that they can only be used at the mapped company courses, so if you want to play on a different course it may not be available on that device.

Which one is better?

We have seen that both rangefinders and golf GPS have perks and weaknesses. If you need the most detailed measurements, then the rangefinder is the best option because it offers more faithfulness than the GPS. It can also determine slope. On the other side, if you do not need accuracy, then the GPS device is a great choice. Some of these devices can also be used as digital charts.