Golf Rules and Regulations for a Better Understanding of the Game

Written by Amanda Finn. Posted in Golf

Golf is a sport practiced by calm, educated and elegant people who play the game in a correct way, without shouting or getting upset if they miss a shot. Golf is also known as the “rich men’s sport” or the “gentlemen’s sport” and there are some golf rules and regulations you must earn in order to understand how this game is played.

General rules of the golf game

In the golf game, there are some main rules players must follow in order to assure a pleasant and quiet evolution of the game. Golf rules and regulations imply that every player must put a distinctive sign on their golf balls, as many players use the same type of balls during the game, and if you can not prove the ball belongs to you, you can consider it lost. Players should also count their clubs and avoid using more than fourteen golf clubs. Also, during the game you must not ask anyone for advice except your team player or your caddie, you must not exercise shots and you are not allowed to use artificial or unusual devices if those are not authorized by the local regulation.

Rules and regulations regarding the golf ball

When the ball is the game, if you accidentally moved or lifted it, you must add a penalty shot and hit the ball again. If someone else moved or lifted the golf ball, you can replace the ball without any penalty. In case that you or someone in your team deflects or stops a ball you hit, you will get a shot penalty and the ball will be played from the position in which it is situated. If a ball hit by you is deflected or stopped by another ball at rest, there is no penalty and the ball is played from the position in which it is located.

Rules regarding the obstacles existing on the golf course

The golf rules and regulations regarding mobile and immobile obstacles clarify the playing conditions in case if something gets in your game track. You can move an obstacle like natural objects such as stones, detached leaves and twigs unless the impediment and the ball are in the same hazard. If you remove an impediment and this causes the ball to move, the ball shall be called and you will be penalized with a kick unless the ball was on the green. Moving obstacles on the golf course can be moved without penalties, and if the ball is obstructed by an immobile obstacle such as a building or a tree you can move the ball to the closest point of relief.