Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

Written by Amanda Finn. Posted in Golf

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver is the ultimate driver that offers adjustability and accuracy to the shot, being one of the best drivers available on the market. After the introduction of Gravity Core, Callaway presented Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver as an improvement of the former club, with a nicer aspect and more forgiveness that recreational golfers need.

Looks and appearance

In terms of aspect, the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver is neat enough to attract the attention and stand out from the crowd. With its metallic feel, the round look, slightly longer in the front and a white chevron for better alignment, this club is definitely a piece of jewelry, idea supported by the sparkling navy blue paint. The sole is extremely high-tech and it’s an honor to have it coming out of your bag. The color can be chosen depending on your tastes.

The sound of the club

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver makes a metallic sound with a medium volume and pitch, suggesting its firmness. The club has the structure to save weight and maintain stability during the shot, thanks to its elevating smash factor any driver should have. The adjustability of the Big Bertha Alpha Driver is impossible to ignore, comparing it to other similar clubs.

Lower spin for maximum distance

The lowered spin of the Big Bertha Alpha 815 allows you to maximize the distance thanks to the forged composite crown designed to save weight. The combination of the crown and the patented Gravity Core which allows you to adjust the gravity center result in a low spinner with maximum forgiveness. By placing the rod into the head to move the center of gravity lower or higher optimizes the launch, the spin, and the ball’s speed. This club is awesome for golfers who are swinging well and at the same time is forgiving for those who aren’t.

Innovative technologies

The Big Bertha Alpha 815 enjoys the same light composite crown, but the innovation is brought by the thin, enlivened titanium face formed with stiffened ribs on the sole and crown inside the club’s body. The removable plugs of 7 grams and 1 gram in the heel and toe are used to create draw or fade bias.
Its sister, the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Black Diamond, which costs a little more, has a taller gravity core spin and is designed for faster swingers who enjoy less spin.